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Black Taxi SERU








TfL has announced that the London
Black Taxi drivers must complete the
Safety, equality and regulatory
understanding (SERU) assessment
from1 October 2025.

When does the Black Taxi Driver SERU requirement start?

All London Black Taxi drivers and new London Taxi driver applicants from 1 October 2025 will need to complete a Safety, Equality & Regulatory Understanding assessment (SERU assessment).

Do Black Taxi Drivers have to do the SERU Test?

Currently the answer is no, but TfL announced on the 23 November 2023 that after completing a consultation they have decided to include the SERU test for London Taxi Drivers (Black Taxi).  But the requirement won’t come in to affect until 1 October 2025.

Is the Black Taxi Driver SERU the same as the Private Hire SERU assessment?

No, as the rules are different for Taxi drivers and PHV drivers.  TfL will be providing a Taxi Driver Handbook with the information specific for Black Taxi drivers SERU test.

How much is the Black Taxi SERU assessment?

TfL have not announced the price for the test yet.  However, as the Black Taxi SERU has been introduced on the basis of fairness to PHV drivers, it will most likely be the same price £36.

Why do London Taxi Drivers need to do the SERU assessment?

The core reason for the SERU assessment is to help all TfL drivers provide a safer service to the public. The SERU assessment helps drivers understand their responsibilities and by getting both Private Hire drivers and London Taxi drivers to complete the SERU assessment, it makes it a fairer process.